March 20, 2003
tomorrow belongs to me

So, how about that war?

Anyhoo. We started moving stuff into the new house today. Comic books are really heavy, it turns out. I got about a dozen boxes of books and some miscellaneous stuff in there, but even though we had a carpet cleaner come in and give the place a once-over, it still smells pretty doggy, so we picked up some more cleaning supplies on our daily trip to Home Depot today to see what we can do about that.

Speaking of which, I got that "Home Improvement 1-2-3" book of theirs, and it's pretty cool. I stayed up all night last night flipping through it, and I'm feeling a lot more confident about the level of the projects we're talking about taking on with the new place. Removing wallpaper, painting all the rooms, maybe replacing carpet, installing a tankless water heater, tiling the kitchen and the front walk, removing and replacing doors, building bookshelves, rewiring and adding sockets to the bathroom, running some network cables, maybe opening up a closet wall to make a little reading area... Yeah, we got stuff to do now. But first, the moving.

I got a new camera. I love it. Plus, I just got my taxes done, and the combination of not making any money last year, moving and working out of my home office got me a nice refund, so I can actually afford it. So, yay my new tax guy.

We've been pretty busy lately, if you hadn't noticed, and we haven't been getting to the gym at all. We're both getting poochy and tired. Mmmm. Next week, maybe. I'm thinking of trying to run some. Maybe not. We'll see.

Two technical asides. is currently graciously hosted by Phil, in the little closet under his stairs. Once we get DSL hooked up in the new house next week, and give it a little time to settle down, I'll be transferring everything to a server there, so. Also, my eyes are getting really bad - I've got an eye doctor appointment in a few weeks, but it's really bugging me now. As such, I may not be proofreading as well as I could as I go along, so if you find a typo, keep it to your damn self. Jeez.

(March 20, 2003 11:58 PM)
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