March 21, 2003

Lawrence Lessig is an excellent speaker.

Watching his keynote about copyright and the Creative Commons at SXSw today, I had a little epiphany about the way I speak. Most of the time, I talk really fast, with a good deal of mumbling and a little bit of stuttering thrown in here and there. I fall over my own words, and punctuate my thoughts with a lot of "uhhh" and "ummmm". Lessig speaks slowly, clearly, and purposefully, with a pacing and cadence that captures an audience, because he prepares his thoughts, and believes in his message. I stumble all over myself because I generally don't know what my message is, if I ever have a message. I speak quickly so as to get across some basic idea, getting it over as soon as I can, taking up as little of the listener's time as possible. Usually, this just results in my sounding like an ass.

(March 21, 2003 10:55 AM)
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