March 24, 2003

Today was more moving boxes and cleaning. Bernie scrubbed the rest of the walls in the living room, and I finished bringing over all the books and games, and most of the media. We've probably got around 30 or 40 heavy boxes of those - if I didn't learn that little carrying stacks of boxes on my back from our previous mover guys, I'd be completely flat on my ass from a splintered back at this point.

We cut out our daily toil early today, though, to do the annual Oscars party at the Alamo Drafthouse. The Mr. Sinus guys split up between three theaters, and ran funny clips of various nominees and winners during commercial breaks. Plus, beer, fried food, and tasty desserts. We were in the theater with Jerm, who provided color commentary throughout the event, and lead us in singalongs and contests and stuff. Mel won the big prize ($100 gift certificate and a little trophy) for picking the most winners! We also got some sweet photos of Jerm in his Daredevil pants.

If you actually care about what happened at the Oscars, you're looking in the wrong place, because I don't. It was fun, but that was mostly because we were all hanging out drinkin' beer and having a hoot at the theater. Plus, boobies. Oh, yeah. My new plan is to win myself an Oscar so I can make out with Halle Berry on live television. That is all.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Michael Moore ruled.

(March 24, 2003 12:09 AM)
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