March 24, 2003

Just Guns is gone. I don't know where to, but it ain't there no more. Sad day in Austin.

We got up and puttered a bit today, then went over to have a send-off lunch for Rich with Dave and Mel at Hill's Cafe, down the street. Super nice weather today, so we sat outside and had corn nuggets and fried stuff. Yummy tasty. Mr. Dean is on a train back to San Francisco tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up down here again sometime soon, on a more permanent basis. There's some tricky stuff going on that might snag a plan like that up, but sometimes these things just work out. Anyway, it'll be fun to get more folks from the old town to move down this way. Come on, slackers! What are you hanging around in that chilly old ghost town for? Git on down heah!

After recovering from lunch a bit, it was more prep work on the living room at the new house. I ran out to the depot again to get some supplies, and Bernie stayed home and scrubbed. I finished transporting our massive media stash to the new place, and went over the walls and ceiling again to rinse off all the nasty, slippery TSP before we go to town. Tomorrow is all about spackle and sanding, getting our paint, and then we start for real.

Plus, we started doing laundry at the new place. Laundry. Inside! Very exciting.

On the entertainment front - because I've got so much free time right now - there are a few good games coming up. I'm hearing more good things about Metroid Prime, and the new Zelda games should be showing up pretty soon. Plus, Midnight Club 2 looks ruling, which means that I need to get that network adaptor thing hooked up, too. All this also means that I really need to get cracking on my payoff games, so I can sleep with a clear conscience.

But man, i'm tired.

(March 24, 2003 08:56 PM)

Marc, I'm working on the network thang too. I went through all of the ancient computers people have given me over the years and filtered it down to the two best (Then I ditched four ancient hulks). Got both of 'em up and running and inventoried what I need for the next step. Gotta buy some memory, then I'm gonna connect 'em with a router so when my brother gets back from Japan we can both be on the 'net at the same time.

They are a pentium 2MMX and a pentium 3, I guess I need to save dough and get a real system some day.


Posted by: brian on March 25, 2003 08:39 AM

mmmm guns.

i need to get me some ethernet cord so i can move pron over to the powerbook. and that is all i have to say about networking.

Posted by: cindy on March 31, 2003 07:11 PM
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