March 28, 2003

Yesterday was sort of a wash. Woke up with a head full of snot, got some coffee from Jo's, went over to paint around noon. I did one half of one of the ceilings, then pretty much fell over. Way too sick to do that crap. So, Bernie took me back to the apartment and made me rest, then went back and did the other half. I was in and out all day. Suck.

Bernie got me a book about stuff for a present. Yay presents.

Hey, there's party people puking in the courtyard. Classy. Plus, we can hear the upstairs neighbors fighting about the chick's job. Bernie thinks she's a stripper, and I think she's right. Woo!

So, Ijust woke up again - still full of snot - and I'm going to try to get the walls done today, so we can move stuff in this weekend. I hope I'm well enough to move most of it myself. If not, we hire movers. Bah.

(March 28, 2003 10:04 AM)
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