March 30, 2003
still sick

Yesterday was another sick day, sorta. I did the rolling for one half of the living room, and the edging for the other half. Went home, watched some of Bernie's romantic comedies - which sucked - and passed out.

Not as sick today, but still feeling pretty down. The living room looks great - very yellow. Bernie started on peeling off all the tape, in preparation for getting ready to do the trim, and I removed all the wallpaper from the nasty bathroom. Mold, crud, bad wall. Yuck. Went to the Depot to get a bunch of stuff - again - including a new water heater. Ours is busted, and we've given up on the tankless, so I just got a new forty gallon gas heater, and the guy working the aisle came over and installed it for eighty bucks less than the regular store installers would have charged to do it, so, sweet.

Dave and Mel came over to check the place out and get some food - we drove up to this place way up north that has New York style pizza, and it ruled. Hung out for a while, got the dirt on all the derby and rock star stuff, came home, worked, rested.

We're having a disagreement about how to do the bathroom. We're pretty much decided on tiling, since the wall is so assy, but I want to do some cellular automata patterns on the wall, and Bernie is so not into it. So, I threw together a little Flash application that does simple 1-dimensional CAs, and Bernie can pick which one she likes in the morning. I get the feeling that this is going to be leveraged into a compromise somewhere else, so it better look really cool...

(March 30, 2003 01:55 AM)
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