April 01, 2003

We finally got everything moved in yesterday.

We wound up hiring some movers, who ruled (Two Sisters), made a few trips to clean up, and we're in. Went to the store, got some provisions, rested, fired up some Zelda, and eventually, slept in our new house. Had a Kerby Lane breakfast, which may become our new Mag's, seein's how it's right next door, and open 24/7. The food was pretty tasty, but there were some customer troubles. A couple of bitches rolled up in their big white SUV, sat down, fussed for a little while, then left in a huff after they didn't get served immediately. They even asked to see the manager to complain that they were being ignored by their waitress. Well, it turns out, they just couldn't fucking read the big sign in front that said, "Please Wait To Be Seated" - you know, like in every other damn restaurant. That's okay. We don't want their kind around here, anyway. The waitress didn't get in trouble, of course, because the staff there is pretty cool, but we left her a big tip anyway - I know I'd last about an hour in that job, on a good day.

And now, back to zelda, and some more sitting on my ass. I really should put together the computer desks and stuff, but need rest now.

(April 01, 2003 12:45 PM)
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