April 07, 2003
you have learned the song of passing

Lots of Wind Waker, lots of resting. Is the resting just an excuse to play Zelda? I don't think so. Get off my back, you damn cynics!

Okay, it's not all me working on the couch-dent. We went outside some. Uncle Bernard was playing with the band (Route 12 something or other and their amazing prepubescent fiddle player) at the LBJ wildflower center. Dave and Mel came along, and it was a good time - even better when we decided to swing by the Salt Lick on the way back. Woo!

I haven't seen the sun in a while, and I got myself a good bit of sunburn on my arms, neck, and face. The yellow eye burns us! So, of course, I took a nap. We were supposed to go to this roller-rave thing with the leri/flipside kids, but we flaked on account of burning and napping. Fortunately, our new neighbors across the street brought us some homemade pecan pie, and we got some good intel about the neighborhood, so that was good.

Now, we do the planning. Bathroom, kitchen, yard... oh, man, we got lots to do.

(April 07, 2003 12:02 AM)
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