May 19, 2003
death star

Stayed up all night (and a good chunk of the day) playing Rachet and Clank. Great game, but I way overdid it. I love doing that - just immersing into a well-done game like that for 24 hours, but the consequences suck. I need to find myself some work soon, or I'm just going to be doing this over and over.

We had the attic sprayed for bugs a while back, which had the unfortunate effect of forcing a lot of our unwanted little guests into the main living area of the house. Lots of fleas up there, from the mangy dogs the previous owners kept - now many fleas down here. I was being eaten alive, so we set off a couple of bug bombs when we went out to Reloaded the other night. I'm pretty sure that all our creepy crawlies are gone, but I still feel like I'm getting bitten, and I'm still breaking out in these little red itchy bumps. Maybe I'm just now reacting to previous bites, but it's been a few days, and it feels like I'm getting new ones, still. It's maddening. I itch all over. It's possible that I'm just allergic to something here, but I've been taking allergy medicine, and I'm not having any other symptoms. Maybe I need to switch soaps again. I went off the bronners for about six months when this was happening before, and it went away, but I'd be really sad if that was what was causing the itching. I've been using it forever, it's good, it's cheap, and I actually feel clean after using it, instead of the slick film of crud that most other soaps feel like they leave. Maybe I just need to take a bath in oatmeal or something. Dunno. I do know that I need to sleep, now like.

(May 19, 2003 11:37 PM)

You COULD just be having delayed reactions, or getting bitten out on someone's lawn, if you're lucky...or you may need to flea treat the house repeatedly. I don't think bombs get eggs that efficiently.

There's a powder you can grind into carpets... upholstry....mattresses...brand name fleabusters, chemically 'orthoboric acid' ... and wash all the bedding, HOT.... a couple times over..... flea bombs don't get all the little fuckers.... I lived with five cats for a while... I've been through flea hell, and am allergic to the bites.

Oh yeah, last time I saw eoin he gave me scabies. Bwaahahahahahaha.

Posted by: baba yaga on May 22, 2003 09:46 AM
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