May 27, 2003
fun and not so fun

This is pretty sickening. Not only is Amazon selling those retarded "Iraqi Most Wanted" playing cards, but they're promoting them on their front page. Aren't we over that yet? Aren't we supposed to be beating up on Syria or Iran these days? Or are we too busy planning how to run our own death camps to pay attention. Ugh.

In other, less stomach-turning news, Bernie's mom was here visiting for the long weekend. We had a good time, but I think Bernie was running us a little bit ragged near the end; I think the mom unit just wanted to relax, but hey. Among other things, we hit the Salt Lick for some BBQ, the Westcave preserve for some tropical fun, and... well, lots of stuff. I don't remember. Anyway, she got back to California safely today. Now, back to working on the house and trying to scrape up a job.

(May 27, 2003 09:14 PM)
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