May 31, 2003
bikers are pussies

So, today was the big Texas Roller Girls bout for the Republic of Texas bike rally at the Austin Expo center. The arena was huge, and the chicks were awesome - but the audience sucked. I've never seen a quieter bunch of bikers in my life. Girls! In skimpy costumes! Skating! And fighting! Spanking! Fire! Punk rock! Come on, people! I swear, these Texas Harley dudes are a bunch of lawyers and CPAs or something. Either that, or they were just really hot, tired, and drunk.

It was just tapping 100 degrees out today. Outside, it was like Burning Man for rednecks or something. Hot, smelly, tents and bikes everywhere, people chilling outside their RVs. Plus, more confederate flags than I've ever seen in my life. Well, everybody's got to do something, I guess.

Anyway, got home, and our pal Dan (a derby husband) showed up to start working on our roof. He actually has real-world skills, like building houses and fixing stuff, so we get him to come over every now and then and do stuff like install a vent for a kitchen fan, or fix our leaky-ass roof before another thunderstorm comes and washes the spider out. So, today, our fearless friend was up there in the heat, washing away all the crud in preparation for sealing. Then we had pizza. The end.

Tomorrow, more derby action, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

(May 31, 2003 01:05 AM)
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