May 31, 2003
more derby

I really like those little "cool mint" gelatin breath strips. If only they were caffeinated, they'd be the perfect little snack. Unfortunately, due to lack of coffee in the house, my wakeup was a handful of Penguin mints, instead.

So, I made it out to the derby bout at the Expo Center again today. Still about a hundred degrees out, only there were about twice as many poser CPA bikers out - which meant that even if they were as quiet as the losers in the audience yesterday, there'd still be a good amount of noise.

The bout went really well. Not as many injuries, but there were a lot of fights on the floor. The first matchup ended with at least three or four piles of girls wrestling around on the track. Pandemonium! But, I got a good batch of pictures this time around, I think, and there was fun to be had all around.

One of the draws was that Jerry Lee Lewis was supposed to play there sometime around the same time the girls were finishing up, but it sounds like he pulled some rock star crap, and he was rescheduled to play around 6:30pm or something. I decided that hanging out with a parking lot full of sweaty rednecks for three or four hours wasn't really my idea of a good time, so I skipped out on Mr. Lewis, and headed home to get some work done. (Watch for a new Austin roller derby site to show up soon, maybe tonight...)

(May 31, 2003 03:46 PM)
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