June 01, 2003

"From labor activists to window-smashing anarchists, what everyone was protesting that day, in essence, was a life where the rules of the game are defined for us by people we'll never meet and can never even speak to. Even the most clueless thrill-seeker, who joined the protests just because they were the most exciting game in town, was responding to the boredom inherent in a society where your identity is determined entirely by your role as a producer and consumer in the economic machinery."

This was about a specific protest a few years ago, but it could apply to anything. Adbusters pretty much consistently makes me angry and depressed at the amount of corporate, political, and human evil in the world around me, and sometimes pisses me off at the luddite degenerates that think that all progress is of the devil, but every once in a while, there's a bit like this that actually makes me feel a little bit better, maybe gives me a little hope that everyone doesn't, in fact, suck.

We need to figure out how to use less power and water. That might be tricky.

(June 01, 2003 02:23 PM)
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