June 03, 2003

Bob Graham has been in the news lately for keeping an obsessive journal of his daily habits. People apparently find the level of detail strange or compulsive or something. I think it's pretty cool - just yesterday, I came across creaturesinmyhead.com, in which this guy has been drawing and posting a new little creature every single day, for the last year or two. I really admire people who can keep up a creative schedule like that. Keeping a detailed log every day is in the same category, as far as I'm concerned - pick something, do it, keep doing it.

I've always been really bad at focusing on one thing for a long time like that, so I'm trying a little experiment; today, I started a Graham-like log of stuff. I think I mentioned before that I thought I should keep track of what I do when I'm slobbing around all day - well, now's my chance. It's interesting - even just doing this for eight hours or so has really made me aware of where my time goes, and I think it's fooling my brain into organizing itself differently, somehow. It's like some sort of zen exercise on mindfulness - I've always got a meta-process running in my head, "what am I doing now?" Knowing myself, I don't know how long I can keep it up, but it'll be neat to see what happens.

Anyway, I rolled out of bed and started to scribble stuff down on a little notepad. Naturally, after a couple of hours, I decided that just wouldn't do, so I threw together a little Perl script to log my entries in a database. It's really rough - it took like fifteen minutes to bang up and a few more to write a viewer, to give my stalkers a little thrill ("he took another crap! wheee!") and, of course, to provide my political enemies more ammunition to knock me down when I finally make my bid for the presidency.


Goddamn SBC telemarketers. They try to sell me DSL - which we already get through Speakeasy, who rule - and I start yammering about symmetric DSL ("is that, like, a static IP?") and running servers, and they get scared and run away. You know, just like the last three times. Maybe they should write that down somewhere.

(June 03, 2003 07:51 PM)
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