June 06, 2003
and pudding and gravy

Bernie is getting to be quite the cook. When I met her, she was... well, not completely hopeless in the kitchen, but she's learned a whole bunch in the last few years. She's tearing through the cookbooks and magazines, trying new stuff all the time, and basically putting my lazy ass to shame. (I have a handful of leftover bachelor recipes that I can pull off really well, but, you know, laziness.)

Anyway, she's gotten pretty good at putting together really terrible, really tasty dessert-type goodies. Yesterday, she baked a pan of lemon bars. Holy crap, those are some delicious lemon bars. They're good warm, fresh out of the oven, and they're good when they've set for a while. Good for breakfast or a late-night snack. Plus, she smells really nice after doing whatever magic things she does with citrus in there.

The point being, I think I've eaten about a pound of butter in the last 24 hours or so. And I can't stop eating them. This is in addition to the usual diet of sandwiches and fried things. I did cram down a whole bunch of celery this afternoon, to run the liquid plum'r course through there, and I drink water pretty much constantly, but I'm still feeling like a giant butter-monster.

Tomorrow, we're telling ourselves that we're going to sign up for t'ai chi and kung fu classes at a place nearby. Maybe that'll help.

Hey, did you notice how late it is? That's because I've been working on the roller girls site. Got the goods from Patsy Crime this afternoon, worked a bit, went out to First Thursday to support the rollergirls and watch them play some musical chairs, then headed off to Threadgill's for dinner with Dave and Mel. It sounds like Dave's interview with the Flash dudes in Houston went really well, so he might be employed real soon like. Waiting for the trickle-down, here!

Anyway. Late. Sleeps.

(June 06, 2003 01:34 AM)
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