June 07, 2003

So, I've been playing this game, A Tale In The Desert, off and on for a month or two now. I'm not real big into the MMORPGs, myself - they require way too much time and dedication for me. (Me, who will sit and play GTA or FFX for 30 hours straight...) Anyway, there's been a big buzz about ATITD for a while, so I checked it out. It's original, innovative, and pretty unique, I'll give it that. First off, there's no combat. None. You progress in the game by learning new skills and improving your character and building stuff, but there's a heavy social interaction component to the game - I don't see how anyone could play solo. The site describes it better than I could - especially at this hour - so check it out.

Anyway, I was gonna say, the game starts off pretty interesting and fun, but as you progress, it requires a lot of... patience. More than I have, I'm starting to think. I haven't played for a couple of weeks, and I was intending to sign in tonight just to deactivate my account, but as I came in, I realized that I was very close to completing my first Initiation, so I fiddled around a bit, searching for the locations that I would need to visit to finish my task. Well, I did it, and got a little light show, so, now I'm wandering around Egypt, trying to find out if anything else interesting happens now. Then I ran into some newbies, and helped them a little bit, did some trading with my neighbors... and hey, look, it's four hours later. So, maybe I'll leave the account active for a little while longer...

Speaking of which, we've got to get up early tomorrow - like, ten in the a.m. - to get to our appointment at swshaolin for our introductory T'ai Chi lessons and signup and stuff. Couldn't arrange to do that today, but we did make it to the gym, at least, so, a little less slobbing around that I had planned. Which is good, I guess.

Oh yeah, finally got around to watching Zoolander today. Funniest goddamn thing I've seen in a while. (PS. If you didn't like it, then screw you, pal!)

Eyes drying up and falling out of the sockets. Maybe this is a sign or something.

(June 07, 2003 02:40 AM)
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