June 11, 2003

Well, judging from my obsessively-kept and blindingly accurate logs, I have done approximately jack shit today.

Okay, I did one thing. We finally (finally!) got our fat asses out of the house, and to a tai chi class. (Of course, when I say "fat asses", I mean my fat ass in particular. I am not about to step into the trap of saying whether a girl's ass is fat or not, unless I just did, in which case I take back the "fat" part and replace it with "lazy", because I'm pretty sure that won't get me in too much trouble.) It was okay; a few basics, and the first step or two of a short Yang form. The teacher seemed to have it together as far as I could tell, (which may not be as far as one might think, for all the shit I talk about such things) so, we'll see how it goes. I'm guessing it's going to go well - it felt good to get moving around like that, and if my calculations are correct, more moving around = less ass-fat. We're already signed up for ten weeks of this and the shaolin kung fu, and I don't see how it could really be any worse than not going. I mean, unless it's the front for a cult or something, and we get brainwashed, suckered out of all our money, and get sent on a suicide mission to assasinate the ambassador to Madagascar or something. If it is, we'd probably be better off just staying home.

Aside from that one hour of pretending to walk around with an imaginary beach ball, though, studies show a lot of "read email", "irc", and "check webernets" on the schedule, with the occasional "pee", "rest", and "try to find something to do" mixed in there for flavor. Maybe I should make a list or something. I've got a couple pieces of scrap paper on the desk here with various things scribbled on them, and I should probably organize those thoughts before they're washed away or stained out by spilled coffee.

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Yep, first thing.

(June 11, 2003 02:55 AM)

Imaginary beach ball, ugh. I've even seen photos of classes practicing with REAL beach balls.

That's part of why I like Chen style. The explanation for arm positioning is based on positioning of the attacker's body, ie. at the simplest level, the positioning between left and right hand is determined as lined up with wrist and elbow on an attacking arm.


Forget the imaginary sphere, there's your sphere training!

FWIW, as long as you are working to smoothly transfer the weight through the kua while you are practicing, you'll get benefits, just be aware that the hand positions you are learning now may have to be adjusted for more martial effectiveness.


Anyways, enough ranting from me.


Posted by: brian on June 12, 2003 09:23 AM
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