June 14, 2003

So, today I'm outside, in Texas, in June, chopping up the big tree branches that fell down during the storm yesterday. Trimming the bad parts, chopping them into manageable pieces, dragging them out to the curb. This seems like a perfect excuse to buy a chainsaw, but I'm managing with a little hatchet for now. I'm mostly done - there's a pile of branches and leaves out there about five feet tall right now, and it's just gonna get bigger. Must drink more water.

The other fun thing is the eight hundred million fire ants living in one of the bigger, deader branches. After a little banging and yanking and chopping on their house, they're seething all over the tree - including the parts lying on the ground. I managed to avoid them for the most part, but I'm still feeling little phantom ants all over me.

I took some pictures, and went to upload them, and realized that I'm about two dozen galleries behind in managing the xhibition. Probably upwards of two thousand pictures to go through, edit, label, and all that. I just dumped 'em all in raw for now, just to get them published. I'm sure I'll get right on that exciting and engaging task in the very near future. Fun, fun.

And, of course, after I come in to get some water and cool down a bit, I sit down at the computer to check email and irc, and write this. I feel a little tickle in my ear, I poke around in there a little, and brush out a nice fat red ant. Now it's crawling around inside my keyboard. Now I have crushed him. I'm going to be feeling oogy for days, now.

(June 14, 2003 06:09 PM)
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