June 18, 2003
fur boots

Woke up late again, but tonight's class was skipped for honorable reasons. First, there was the Austin Game Developer's meeting up north, with an old, but interesting, talk about economies in multiplayer games online. Learned some stuff. Afterwards, I rushed back downtown to catch Erik Hokkanen and his band play some music down at Flipnotics. Our friend Kyra invited us down, along with some other folks from the usual crew. Erik and the band were super rockin'. I bought a CD, and I reckon we'll be back to see him again soon.

In other news, two of my friends have announced that they're getting married in the last couple of days. Not to each other. To girls. Freaky.

In other other news, I'm paying bills tonight, and starting to feel a twinge of panic about the money/job situation. I just turned down a two-week gig answering phones for ten bucks an hour, and I wonder if I was right to throw away eight hundred bucks like that. I think I was, but, you know. My empty pockets are full of the blues.

Also, I forgot to return my videos to Vulcan tonight. Netflix has me spoiled rotten.

Also also, if you'll notice, my writing is getting more terse and sloppy. Bah. Tough.

(June 18, 2003 01:53 AM)
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