June 19, 2003

Got our first electric bill of the summer today. Two hundred and forty bucks. Ow.
I'm guessing that our crappy old air conditioner at least needs to have the filter replaced, and there's more than one place in the house where the cool air can get out. Like, all the windows that have inch-high gaps in them where the glass is falling out. Apparently, there's some free energy-efficiency survey you can get done around here; we need to sign up for that, and just hope that the guy doesn't die of shock when he sees the sorry state of affairs around here.

In other news, my right pinkie finger is all messed up. The joints really hurt, but I don't remember doing anything to it. Hopefully it'll go away soon, because it's making my shift/return/semicolon painful, which really puts a cramp in the work thing.

(June 19, 2003 01:11 AM)
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