June 24, 2003

So, we've been having guys from various tree trimming outfits around town come over and give us their take on our three big old trees in the yard. They all need a good bit of work, and at least one of them is bound to come down while we're living here. The guy who came out today, Marcus, was not only the most knowledgeable-sounding, and the cheapest, but he also hung out for a while, and gave us a ton of great advice on all sorts of things, from how to do yard stuff, to investing in real estate.

Bernie was taking notes the whole time (five hours of porch sitting and chatting), and came out with great stuff on how to get our house all set up to be more energy-efficient (get a free run-through from American Conservation and Air), where to buy organic gardening supplies (Callahan's General Store) and what to buy there, how to counteract the high pH of Austin city water for the plants, how to get the soil tested for various stuff (call the County Agrigultural Extension Office), how to take care of our ant and bug problems without killing everything else (Demon WP pyrethrin and boric acid), where to get the best beef in Texas (Bubba K, at the Meat Shop on Peyton Gin Road), the best place to get plumbing supplies here (Krump), the best way to fix up the roof to get ready to do water collection, and, you know, all sorts of stuff. He also invited us out to his ranch for his wife's birthday around the fourth of july, and said he might know a couple guys that can use a computer-type guy, for contract jobs.

I really hope he's not just another crazy person.

(June 24, 2003 10:39 PM)
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