June 27, 2003

Big day today. I found a new kickass comic to read every day. Very exciting. I also did a mess of work for the rollergirl site this afternoon. There's still more to do, but I think I need to let that sit for a few days.

There was also a smart mob this afternoon. The idea is, a bunch of people get organized via email or whatever, and at the last minute, they decide where to go. They all show up at the exact same time, do something meaningless for ten minutes or so, and then all vanish at once. Sounds like fun. We met up at the magazine rack of a 7-11 in town, about twenty or thirty maybe, and it was all well and good. Could have been a better location, but it's nice to see that many people will do something like that just for fun.

Afterwards, Bernie and I had a little coffee date (more like an interview) down at the Spider House Cafe with someone that I might be practicing my barbaric brand of photography on sometime soon. We'll see how that goes. Then, after that, we hooked up with Dave and Mel and headed up to the Alamo North to catch the opening of the new Charlie's Angels movie with all the rollergirls. Man, that was a super fun movie. Almost surreal in its lack of plot or coherence, but that stuff is for squares, anyway.

And then, sleep.

(June 27, 2003 03:39 AM)
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