June 29, 2003

Headed out to Wimberly yesterday, to pick up some plants and stuff from Silverleaf, my aunt Kathy's nursery. Bernie and I hung out with cousin Alex (minding the store) and Nick (studying for a statistics exam) for a while, then got our purchases together and headed home. We wound up with a bunch of tall canna lillies and african irises for the front fence, and a bunch of smaller plants, rasberries and herbs, for here and there. I also made sure to pick up some of that thai basil, so I can make my stir-fried goodies taste exactly like my favorite, #21 with chicken from King of Thai on clement street, back in SF. That's some tasty stuff.

So, today was all about digging holes, planting plants, and tilling the earth. While unloading the lillies from the car, I got a big handful of fire ants, and they got a pretty good number of bites on me before I realized that my HAND WAS ON FIRE and washed 'em all off. I'm all puffed up, and my whole arm is turning black and green, but it should be fine after the swelling and itching goes away. My injuries didn't stop me from putting a bunch of holes in the ground, though, and tearing up as much of the back yard as possible with the roto-tiller before it ran out of gas. Man, that little sucker gets everything - bamboo runners, gravel, cement blocks that have been buried there for god knows how long, everything. I also spent a good amount of time pulling this vicious little vine off of some of the bushes along the side fence. They were looking pretty yellow and sparse, and it turns out that there was pretty much a solid blanket of this junk on top of them, choking them all the way out. So, off come all of those pernicious little vampire-weeds, and out comes all the dead wood, and hopefully now, with some sun and hasta-grow, they'll be all green again, and blocking the delicate eyes of the world from my pasty white ass when I forget to close the curtains when I go to get coffee after stumbling out of bed in the morning.

Speaking of which, I only have one pair of shorts. They're really dirty now. I had to go outside again, and I've got to tell you, it's sort of weird wearing long pants now. Weird, and really hot. I've got to get myself down to Work Clothes and More and pick myself up some more of these cargo shorts, or, as the tree guy called them, "cop shorts".

Other things in the hopper: See if I can cancel my membership to my overpriced yuppie gym early, seein's how my income for this year so far is just a bit under the year's membership, and I haven't been going that often, anyway. I've also got to get that sorry-ass compost heap they left us moved around, rearranged, and turned over once I figure out what all to to with it and where. Plus, more Flash toys.
So much to do, so much time that I'm not doing it in...

(June 29, 2003 05:07 PM)

So, lemme get this straight - you've got a gym membership, you're going to a martial arts school, you're doing outside yardwork in Texas in long pants... Damn, dude, that spare tire should be gone in a week and a half.

Posted by: brian on July 2, 2003 12:00 PM
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