July 11, 2003

Guys like this are why Texas rules.

I'm not happy to be here, and I'm not happy to see y'all are here. You people I do feel sorry for, to a degree. We should have Tom DeLay and Rick Perry and George W. Bush sitting up at that table! They sent you out here to take their heat; they sent you out here to sell a program that they're afraid to come and sell. Do you hear me, Mr. Chairman and Ms. Shapiro? Do you hear me, Mr. Everett? Honorable members of this senate, and this committee, I'm in opposition to this proposal that's being perpetrated upon me. As one of your constituents, one of your consituents, I oppose this proposal. I stand in opposition to a corrupt politician from Washington. Who, in fear of his own political security, has perpetrated this fraud upon us. I stand in opposition to corrupt politicians of any persuasion, who regard their constituents with contempt, with remarks like, "rude and obnoxious people". I oppose you - your betrayal of your constituents and colleagues are beneath contempt, and your days in office are numbered. Are you listening, Mr. Bush? Are you listening, Mr. DeLay? Mr. Perry, do you hear me? Any corrupt politician, or corrupt official, your days are numbered! You cannot buy my statehouse, nor my white house. My government is not for sale. Yet, you boast about the millions of dollars you raised with two thousand dollar hot dogs. I've heard the words of my black brothers and sisters, my brown brothers and sisters - I join with them in the struggle against this corrupt, power-mad administration, and what it represents to my state, and my nation. I'm madder than hell! (standing ovation) You return to Austin, take this message to that corrupt administration in my statehouse, you tell them for me: I'm Bill Walker, constituent, I am your worst nightmare! Your days of illegitimate occupation in my capitol is no longer tolerable with me, and I will expose you, whatever party you are affiliated with. Your days of corrupt betrayal are numbered! You cannot hide from me, I am a voter. Your cowardly effort to divide my state and my nation by this contemptible redistricting plot must be defeated, and I do not thank you for your attention.

Man, there are some unhappy-looking politicians sitting at that there table.

(July 11, 2003 08:33 PM)

No, emails like this are why Texas rules!


Posted by: brian on July 16, 2003 08:42 AM
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