July 30, 2003

Holy crap, it's hot.

We're getting our air conditioning all redone - new furnace, intakes, ducts, blowers, insulation, whatever the hell they've got up there. All of it! It's pretty expensive, but we've been getting electric bills over two hundred dollars lately, and this is a pretty mild summer, from all accounts. Only been over a hundred degrees a couple of times - last year, they say there were forty-odd days like that. So, Austin is pretty cool with the energy stuff, and we're getting a big old rebate from the city for the work, and it should pay itself off in four or five years, anyway.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about tonight. What I am here to talk about is this: it's really fucking hot. They started work this morning, and found a good stopping point around three or four, which means that we spend the evening without air conditioning. It was around 95 this afternoon, and the weather pixies tell me that it's a bit over 80-something right now. So, hot. We've got one small window unit in the back, so we closed off the bedroom/office to create a temporary cool zone, but the rest of the house is pretty hellish. So, we're huddled back here, with the rest of the house closed off, trying to not melt, and hoping that the computers don't catch on fire. Tomorrow, though, we'll have a badass new energy-efficient thingy, and all will be well again.

Aside from staying out of the way of the workers, it's been a pretty lazy day. I had lunch with my pal Justin out eastways; he just got back from his first trip to New York City, and wanted to share some stories. We had lunch at an awesome little barbecue place, Mueller's - super tasty brisket, pinto beans and sweet tea. I brought him a laptop case from my giant evil pile, and he lent me some trade paperbacks of The Invisibles, which, by the way, gets a whole hell of a lot better in the second series. We also headed out to the flash mob in the evening - it was pretty small, only a dozen or so people, but spirits ran high as we grouped up and did stuff on the Congress bridge. Fun.

I also ate a whole watermelon. Now it's time to lay flat.

(July 30, 2003 11:42 PM)
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