August 20, 2003

Since I still don't have any paying work, I've started work on an online game project to keep myself busy. This is that multi-user thing, frontend in Flash, backend in... no, not Perl, but Java. Yep. I don't quite trust the threading support in Perl (and Python and Ruby still don't quite handle the stuff I want to do) for the kind of thing I'm thinking of, so I figured it was time to jump back into the evil.

I checked a little while ago, and although I have "Java" on my resume and business cards, it's actually been quite some time since I've actually done anything with it. Like, 1997. So, this weekend, I broke out the books - I have a surprising number of fairly recent Java books for someone who doesn't use it that much - and started getting myself all set up. There was some cursing and hair-pulling, but I think I'm pretty much ready to rock right now, if not in fact rocking already. Got the latest SDK installed, configured my database support and such, dropped in Ant and jUnit to make it all fly XP-style, made sure that XML parsing and stuff was set up and configured correctly, and dug up some sample code for the stuff I want to do. After a bit of fiddling and tinkering, I've got my project skeleton all built out, and I've got ant set up to automatically compile, build, test, jar up, deploy, and check into CVS with the press of a button. (Doh, I forgot to set it to automatically generate my javadocs - that'll take another couple of minutes.) I'm reading the server configuration with my own little XML file parser, the beginnings of a nice little unit test suite, and some code for a multi-threaded game server ready to be implemented and subclassed to whichever ruleset I decide on. I've got a good bit of documentation, some class diagrams and database schemata coming along, so I think I'm actually in business here. Not bad for a couple of days, I guess - now, for the actual coding. Let's see how far I get here before becoming distracted by something shiny.

I also got a cheap stove-top espresso pot. That's pretty tasty.

(August 20, 2003 01:32 AM)
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