August 24, 2003

I crushed the Republic for my birthday. Done!

I went out for a walk to Book People this afternoon, but I was intercepted halfway there by the lady, so I just sat and read for a while, then had chicken chile relleno and cookies for dinner. I'm pretty sleepy now. We've got derby in the evening, and I think that something else might be afoot. My plan is just to sleep late, and see what my goodies are, and then drink some beer at Playland and watch the girls go 'round.

Scott is kicking ass with the actionscript these days. #noisier has been helping him learn some over the last while or so, and I was just realizing that most of the problems he's had lately have been typos and stuff, and that he's got the coding part pretty much down. It's really cool to watch, and he's already a damn fine artist, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of damage he'll do in the near future.

Sometimes I wish I wrote more. Then I read stuff that some people who write a lot write, and realize that the people who would like what I wrote would be people I don't want liking me. Or something.

I've been feeling pretty cranky for the last couple of days. Not sure why. Also, I think I skipped a whole week and a bit of class again. Lazy.

(August 24, 2003 05:57 AM)

Happy Birthday! from the folks up north. Thoughtful gift to arrive in a couple days. Just for the record (re: July entry about self) I always liked you, worried about you, and never, ever thought you we less than the best. The people you don't really know in your life are parents. Love and kisses.

Posted by: Jane on August 24, 2003 06:18 AM
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