August 25, 2003

Man, I got a lot of new books.

Today, I woke up late as planned, got myself together, then went to lunch (breakfast?) at the County Line Barbecue. It was pretty disappointing - people, including kin, have been telling me that this place has some good food. Well, it's not bad, but there's plenty of places nearby that have barbecue as good, and much better. It's about on the level of RJ's, on South Congress, only RJ's has a much better atmosphere. RJ's is a cheap little place in what used to be a bad neighborhood, and you get what you pay for; County Line looks like someone thought that TGIFriday's had a real hot ticket going with their use of "flair" in interior decorating, and ran with that. Plus, it's full of scumbag yuppies from North Austin and Westlake, and their screaming yup-spawn. Plus, their mediocre food is priced for said yuppies. Plus, they make you pay for bread! What's up with that? It's like some yankee who's never been to another restaurant in Texas came down and created their own twisted little idea of what a BBQ place should be like. On the plus side, it's got a nice little view of some little tributary coming off the river, and I'm pretty sure that all the waitresses had nose jobs. Next time, we'll just go to the Salt Lick. To hell with this "trying somewhere new" crap.

Not too long after we got home, Bernie crashed out on the couch, and I headed off to the roller derby. It was a lot of fun - the announcing crew has been working on their presentation, and they totally have their act together, and it makes all the difference. The skaters were in top form, too, and put on an awesome show - fast skating, good teamwork, a bunch of good brawls, and more than a couple girls landing in the audience's lap. We also got to use the in-house projection system at the rink to display the scoreboard, instead of a projector on a cart, which meant that Dave had to work his Flash thinger on the laptop in the office up front with the A/V hookup, and I had to get the scores from the referees and call them in to him on a walkie-talkie. That was kind of fun, and worked okay, but it's hard to hear with the crowd and the hollering and the crazy rock'n'roll music. Plus, it wasn't so much fun for Dave, who was about as far as one could be from the action without actually being outside. The upside is that using the radio makes you look like you're actually doing something important. Ha! Suckers! Then I came home, and found that Bernie had made me a fudge pudding-type cake. I ate some with some ice cream. It was pretty darn tasty.

In addition to the usual socializing, I learned some nasty, nasty gossip about the evil derby and the nasty and stupid things that they've done recently, which I'm not at liberty to repeat here. Also, it looks like there's some photos of the (good) derby girls in the current (October, I think) issue of Playboy, in the Dave Attell article. So, I went to Book People after the bout to get a copy, and told the cashier that one of my friends was in it. I wonder how many months I can use that excuse and get away with it. There may also be pictures circulating of me, at the derby, in a very small shirt from Tabu Lingerie, one of the derby's sponsors. I assure you that these photos have been doctored, to besmirch my flawless public image. Also, Vin Diesel is a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd! Who would have guessed?

Hey, I think I start working tomorrow. Like, for money. Crazy.

(August 25, 2003 02:21 AM)
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