September 02, 2003
fat man

Let's see, went to the Austin Game Developers meeting tonight, and listened to the Fat Man talk about game audio and design and taking risks and his super badass car. He also has a book out, which he read from extensively. I'd get myself a copy, but I feel like I heard pretty much all of it already. And hey, there's a game conference down here next week, which costs a hundred bucks, but looks like it's really worth it.

Speaking of conferences, YAPC is going to be in my old hometown, Buffalo, NY this coming year in January or February. I am so going to that. Maybe I'll have the magic combination of no job and some money so I can take a week or two to cruise around up that way and visit folks some.

They closed down the porn store around the corner here. I'm pretty sad about it, not only because a fine adult emporium has fallen to whatever forces caused its demise, but mainly because I never got to go in there and give them what for about their sign. The name of the store was "Fantasy's Unlimited", and had several large signs proclaiming that fact. The more astute of you already see the source of my concern. For the rest of you, let me just say that my only hope was that the proprietor of this fine establishment was named "Fantasy" for some reason, and this was their "Unlimited"... something. I'm guessing that wasn't the case, and it was just another sad case of apostrophe abuse. Anyway, my plan was, one of these days, to go in there and ask not about porn, but if "Fantasy" was in, and if I could ask them some questions about the sign. And hilarity would ensue. The store is empty, now, and this is never to be.

I would like to close on this note: do people really still use fax machines? I hate them. I hate them, and I hate the people who insist on using them. Do you people not have email? Ever hear of attachments? Are we not in the twenty first century? WHERE'S MY JET PACK, DAMMIT?

So, I bought a fax machine today. Bah.

(September 02, 2003 11:50 PM)
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