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September 11, 2003

Sometimes, when I'm falling asleep, I swear that I can hear music or voices coming from somewhere. They're just on the edge of understanding, but sometimes they get more distinct. If I raise my head up to see where they're coming from, if maybe the radio was left on or something, all I can hear is the white noise of the air conditioner or the computer fan. Then, I put my head down, and the music from nowhere starts up again. I can almost recognise the songs, sometimes. And every once in a while, if I'm really tired, and I get up, I can still hear them, right below my normal range of hearing, but if I concentrate, I can just about pick them up again. Of course, I'm just picking out some semi-delerious patterns out of the background noise, but still, pretty distracting.

(September 11, 2003 01:20 AM)

these voices you here. . . are they telling you to kill things? they aren't, perhaps, coming from the dog next door, are they?

Posted by: jorm on September 11, 2003 02:23 AM

Stay in the beam, Majcher... don't wander from the path...

Posted by: Operative #666 on September 11, 2003 11:33 AM

" Of course, I'm just picking out some semi-delerious patterns out of the background noise, but still, pretty distracting."

That was a pretty clever write-off your rational mind offers at the end.

(good story, it reminds me to find my pk dick paperbacks wherever they are buried...)

Posted by: teno on September 11, 2003 12:40 PM

Hypnagogic auditory hallucinations are a fairly well-known (if not particularly understood) phenomenon. If you have the trick repetiore for lucid dreaming, you can even make the hallucinations obey you -- make the funny distant echoing half-heard voices say funny things, tell jokes, impersonate Ed McMahon, whatever.

I have heard reports that Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses deliberately exploits this phenomenon by letting the voices in her head write her lyrics for her in the middle of the night. I can't comment on the veracity of these reports, but if anyone's lyrics sound like they were written that way, it's hers.

Posted by: Ray Radlein on September 14, 2003 04:51 PM
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