September 15, 2003
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Heil Bush!

(September 15, 2003 09:42 PM)

"I'm sick of you superstitious shitbags, and I swear to god if I ever catch you on my property again, you'll get an ass full of buckshot. Burn in hell, you hateful motherfuckers" - You

It's funny how most liberals claim to be tolerant of diversity. Liberals are all about diversity. That is, however, right up to the point where you don't agree with someone. Then it's gloves off.

You really got to love that lack of consistancy. Hell, it's that lack of consistancy that is the only constant thing liberals have.

You know, had that petty rant of yours come from someone on the right, you would have intantly labeled it "hate speach". (It's a guess, but I think I'm right) But since it didn't, I'm sure it's justified through some illogical double standard.

You sound like a typical left leaning liberal.
Am I right?

Posted by: Me on September 27, 2004 09:43 AM

What, "you can believe whatever crazy crap you want, just don't bring it to my house", isn't tolerant enough for you? I'm not sure exactly what you're getting at here - do you have a point at all? Or did you just decide to take a crap on my particular corner of the Internet, so you could work off whatever steam you had built up over those "typical left leaning liberals" today?

Let's see if we can't clear this up a little, so your tiny monkey brain can begin to understand. Being tolerant means that you're okay with people being whoever they want to be, and believing whatever they want to believe - as long as they don't start fucking with other people being whoever they are. You want to believe that you're a reincarnated furry from a stupid Japanese cartoon? Fine. You want to believe that there's an invisible superhero in the sky that loves you unconditionally, unless you make out with another guy, then you burn forever? Sure, okay. You want to believe that Showgirls isn't the best movie ever made? Whatever you say, weirdo.

You want to start burning crosses on people's lawns? You want to turn people into second-class citizens because of who they like to fuck? You want to go halfway across the world and blow the shit out of civilians because your invisible friend said that was your mission in life? Fuuuuuck you, pal. You bring that to my house, and I catch you, you get a boot in the ass. If you're lucky.

Am I a "typical left leaning liberal"? Well, I'm probably a lot more "liberal" than you, whatever that is, but does the stereotypical liberal boogeyman in your shriveled mind have a house full of firearms, a taste for red meat and whiskey, and an extensive pornography collection? If so, then maybe - but your coming here and making a bunch of random peckings and accusations about "them durn liberals" is completely worthless. Do you take issue with something in particular that I wrote, or do you just like to howl at nothing to make yourself feel better?

Hey, I bet you're one of those typical right leaning conservatives. You know, the ones who have knee-jerk reactions to anything that's out of the ordinary in their whitewashed little worlds? The ones who pick fights, but then can't hold up their end of an intelligent debate? The ones who completely ignore everything except for what they've happened to fixate on at the moment, letting any other inconvenient details sail right past them, and totally miss any points made?

Am I right?

Posted by: Marc Majcher on September 27, 2004 12:15 PM
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