September 16, 2003

I got me a basin wrench, and I know how to use it. Actually, I didn't even know what a basin wrench was half an hour ago, but I had this problem taking off the thingers under the sink while replacing a faucet, and I was pretty sure that someone had run into this same problem before - maybe even the person who installed the sink. Go to Home Depot, look for a thingy that looks like it'll do what I want, and not only do they have it, but it turns out, there's a name for it, too. So, that, and some teflon tape, and I'm off to be handy. (I couldn't find a sink stretcher, though. Maybe somewhere else for that.)

LATER: Got the new faucets installed and hooked up, but there's no way I can get that drain out without taking the base of the whole basin off. Crap. On the side of the box that the faucet came in, it says "Grifo de Baño". I'm pretty sure that's spanish for "Pain in the Ass".

(September 16, 2003 03:23 PM)
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