September 22, 2003

In brief:

-- I am not sick any more, but I am rather busy. Which is good. Busy, busy, busy.

-- We are making very good use of the grill. Today for lunch was cowboy burgers (ground beef, onions, hot peppers, and bacon), spicy italian turkey sausage, with grilled yellow peppers and onions, and watermelon juice. I am full of meat. Made of meat!

-- This week looks to be pretty busy, extracurricular-wise, too. Drawing class tonight, voice acting class on wednesday, the kung fu on tuesday and thursday, and maybe go see Jerm at the Carousel Lounge tomorrow night.

-- Went to an interview with the science textbook flash demo people this morning. I think it went very well - they people seem very cool, and I like what the little outfit is doing. I'm not expecting a whole lot of work from them right off, but they seemed to like me, and I look forward to doing stuff with them.

-- I think one of our neighbors is keeping racing pigeons. Also, when I woke up for an urgent trip to the bathroom early this morning, my brain constructed a nice explanation for the bird racket outside. There were three or four screeching chirpers right outside the window, and my sleep-adled mind decided that they were playing a game, where, on a given signal, all of them have to squawk as loud as they could, and the last one making noise won. Sometimes, there would be a tie, at which point a bonus round would immediately take place - sometimes, in rare cases, this would happen several times in a row. Every now and then, they would break into chatter after a round, probably communicating the bird equivalent of, "man, that was a good round! you totally got me that time, petey!" After a while, they flew off. I figured that this group of birds must get together regularly to play, and they had to get back to work or whatever. Then, I went back to bed, and got a couple more hours of sleep.

-- I got a really badass java book. It almost makes it seem like java doesn't suck. Almost.

(September 22, 2003 04:04 PM)
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