September 25, 2003

I think I'm on the tail end of this busy stretch, but I feel like I'm sort of spinning my wheels at the moment. This is the weird thing about doing contract work for other people: you work and work and work for a while, and then, when you're done, you don't really have anything. Well, except for a check, hopefully. It seems like the best pieces of work I've done, I've done for fun, or for free. (Maybe if things go well, an upcoming contract will change some of that, but we'll see.)

Aggravating the situation is the big stack of books sitting next to my desk. I think my incoming (and outgoing) bandwidth is decreasing as decrepitude approaches, and the "to read" pile is approaching three feet tall. This includes some great stuff that I got for christmas last year (I know that if I showed you my boobies, you'd buy me stuff from my wish list, too), a big pile of books from my birthday, various tech manuals I need to get through, and some killer game design books, which directly relate to my current non-paying project.

To make matters worse, Quicksilver just showed up today. It weighs exactly three pounds, and is begging to be bumped to the top of the stack. Stephenson, you bastard!

[Bonus track: Zombie Girls!]

(September 25, 2003 01:04 PM)
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