September 30, 2003

Hm. Now I'm out of paying work, but I feel like I should be doing stuff, but since I'm not getting the l3wt, I feel spectacularly unmotivated and lazy. Hrm.

We went out to the Mollberg's yesterday evening, ostensibly to get some woodworking and gardening advice, but wound up getting some food, and hanging out for a good bit to chat and stuff. Cousin Alex showed me his new crossbow, and gave me some pyrotechnic shotgun shells. Uncle Bernard showed me around the wood shop (he restores pianos and stuff) and gave me a little tutorial on all the cool tools and stuff. I want to start fiddling around with some of that, make some wooden machines and toys and stuff, but that's all pretty new to me, and it seems like it might take a few bucks to get into in. I've got an open invitation to go out and use the super-fly stuff at Bernard's shop, though, so, that'll be fun. Bernie also got some good direction on the garden and yard and landscaping stuff - I think she's going to be plenty busy with a big new patch in the front, and there's paths and fences and trees and stuff to take out and put in and bang together, so I reckon I'll be out there a good bit, too.

Today, I've been super lazy. Played some SWG last night, slept real late today, went out for a bit, burned a bunch of movies to CDs. There was a flash mob on the UT campus - we played rock, paper, scissors on the corner until the campus cops showed up because someone had called in that people were fighting. Then I had my drawing class, which I ducked into a little early, then skipped out on. So far, the class has been pretty disappointing. We show up with our bag full of expensive art supplies that the teacher had us buy, pick an easel in the studio, and then she sets up a model or gives us a picture or something and pretty much just says, "draw this. use charcoal." The class is close to three hours long, and there's maybe a dozen people in it, so you'd think there'd be some individual attention or direction going on there. Not so much. I draw like a retarded chimp to start out with, and I can just do that at home if I'm not going to get some instruction here. So, I came back home, grabbed Bernie, and took her out to dinner at Ruby's BBQ instead. Afterwards, we browsed around in ToyJoy, and got some toys and necco wafers, and it was good.

Also, I hate the new release of BitTorrent. Alert boxes, eugh.

(September 30, 2003 02:03 AM)

I tried to be part of the scene
Bought all the records and magazines
But all the kids they put me down
laughed and said I was a clown
Said they didn't want me around
Made me feel so all alone

But now I'm back with a bang
I've got my own leather gang
And all of them are men
And denim's back again

And I am - And I am
I am a denim demon
Got my own congregation
I am a saint for seamen

Posted by: Lieutenant Lucky on September 30, 2003 08:26 AM
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