October 17, 2003

I was driving up north to check out a lathe at this woodworking shop that uncle Bernard recommended to me, and I heard this great band doing a little live set on one of the local radio stations. Turns out, it's the Mosquitos, and they're playing tonight at Emo's. So, hey, why don't we check them out... holy crap, they're opening for Shonen Knife! I totally forgot about that!

Well, we went, and it rocked. The Mosquitos sound sort of like a more mellow Pizzicato Five, only in Portugese, instead of Japanese. The music is great, and their singer is mesmerizing. Then Shonen Knife came out to play their first show in Austin ever, and completely rocked the house down. I'm not sure who's who, to tell the truth - they've got a (really cute maniac alien) new drummer, and their old drummer is their new bass player, and I'm assuming that the other chick playing guitar and singing is the same as what I'm used to hearing, but then again, they may all just be robots. It was tons of fun, even with the creepy white guys up front desperately grasping for the little japanese chicks on stage. And the giant sweating freak trying to start a mosh pit of one. But I had a funnel cake, and that was tasty. Also, we ran into our pal Dan, and Beth, one of the derby girls.

Cousin Nick went to the show with us, which was cool. He came over early, and had some of Bernie's tasty peanut noodle pork thingie, and brought some pie, which we didn't get to eat yet, but which I will be having for breakfast tomorrow. Er, today. After I wake up.

Yesterday, I watched five movies. There was only a little bit of goodness in them, but I am now all caught up with Netflix and the stack of going-out-of-business-sale discount DVDs I bought a while back. So, I guess that means I either need to get back to playing some video games, or actually do some of that work I keep talking about.

(October 17, 2003 04:01 AM)
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