October 18, 2003

Today's lunch: Turkey plate at Meuller's BBQ with Bernie, Cam, Dave, and Mel. Tasty stuff. I love their beans. And their sweet tea. And the pecans that dive bomb you.

So, I made the leap, and bought a whole ton of woodworking tools. Picked up a band saw, and a drill press, and ordered a mini-lathe, which should show up in a week or two. All sorts of other goodies, too - and there's still more I need. I'm turning the shed out back into a little wood shop (well, except for the storage part up top) and I still need to get some sort of dust management solution set up, and I'm pretty weak in the sanding area. But hey, it was either this, or get a new laptop, so I think I'm still coming in way under budget. I'm still sort of in the "build tools to build stuff with" stage, which feels a lot like writing perl scripts to pre-process data files before working on the actual application. Which is pretty fun.

Bernie's not slacking, either - she's got it in her to re-paint the living room windows before hanging the new curtains. Those windows are in pretty bad shape - if we can, I reckon we'll be replacing them come springtime.

Oh yeah, I'm trying out the new iTunes for Windows. It's pretty nice.

(October 18, 2003 01:49 PM)
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