October 26, 2003
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My lathe showed up on friday! Unfortunately, the tailstock handle was broken off from the screw that screws the tailstock bit into the wood, so I can't really turn anything yet. Bah! And it's too late to call now, so I'll have to wait until Monday to get my customer service on. But I got a lathe! And it's freaking heavy. So, I need to unbolt and re-drill holes for the bandsaw so I can fit the new machine in, but things are looking pretty good as of right now.

We went and saw Bubba Ho-Tep with Dave and Mel at the Drafthouse up north. There was an opening band, some weird sort of Elvis impersonator band that didn't look like Elvis, didn't really sound all that much like Elvis, and only played songs that nobody's ever heard before. The movie was pretty good - not the non-stop Bruce action that one might expect, but still funny, and kind of sad. Melancholy, even. But, Elvis-fu, zombie-fu, and some good flying giant bugs. Check it out. The writer and producer were also there, talking, answering questions, and selling their schwag. It turns out that Mel already knew the writer, and liked some of his other books, which sound interesting; I'll have to take a look at them sometime.

We ate fried good stuff at the Drafthouse, too. They served grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches with bacon. Dave had one. It was reported to be "good". I waited till afterwards to get ugly, when we stopped at Mrs. Johnson's donuts. We asked for half a dozen glazed, and would up with six glazed, six chocolate, and three fresh warm ones on top. Mel and I discovered the beauty of a glazed donut smooshed on top of a chocolate donut.

I'd been playing me some SSX3, which arrived a few days ago, and, really, I was kind of disappointed with it. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine game, but it's just not grabbing me like Tricky did. There are a few neat new things in it - a seamless world, new freeride challenges, grind tricks - but it's lacking a lot of personality that I'd become accustomed to. The characters are all essentially the same, and the voice acting is really weak, so there's not much incentive to play every single one through. They took out some nice touches, like the different skill levels on the characters, and the different kinds of boards, and so on, and the new music sucks, and the new announcer is way way too relaxed. But still, kind of fun. Which is why I played it straight through from Friday night to 3pm Saturday afternoon. And then slept. A lot.

So, I woke up today, puttered and cleaned around the house some, went to Home Depot to get some wood and stuff, and built some shelves and rails for the closet off of the living room, which I guess is the new linen closet. After a minor mis-measuring tragedy, the project pulled through just fine, and we now have one hell of an organized closet.

(October 26, 2003 07:37 PM)
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