October 27, 2003

So, I called Jet about my lathe part. They told me that I had to talk to Amazon to get things done, because that's who I ordered it through. I called up Amazon, and the guy I talked to didn't seem to be too hip to the whole power tools thing, and told me that I had to send back the whole thing, and they'd send me a replacement. This lathe weight upwards of around 75 pounds, and last time, it took around two weeks to ship. That's no good, and I let them know that. I got a call back from a manager a few hours later, who was more sympathetic to my needs as a consumer, so now they should be shipping off the replacement parts to me toot sweet. Let's see if they get this right.

We, that is Bernie and I, went and has us some lunch at Gene's with some of the crew, that is Dave, Mel, Strawberry, and Hissy Fit. They've got some tasty chicken special going on there, and good sweet tea. We got to hear all about the pre-championship rollergirl hijinx, with the tp'ing of houses and the pooping on porches and so on. Those crazy girls.

Also, I fixed a toilet today. Replaced the whole valvey floaty thinger and did the water stuff and put in this anti-leak jiggerbob and everything. I'm so handy.

We're going on the Austin Ghost Tour tonight with Dave and Mel. Very scary, kids!

Oh, yeah, and I said I'd give a presentation on the Flash MX drawing API at the next meeting of our local Flash nerd group, so I guess I've got to get that together now. Neato.

(October 27, 2003 05:40 PM)
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