November 01, 2003

Picked up Brian, Icky, and Emily at the airport, and got 'em set up at the home base. Loaded up with some hooch, and headed out to Kingsland to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre... at the house it was filmed in! After getting a BBQ plate and watching a bunch of cartoons and Tobe Hooper trailers, it started to rain pretty hard, so they packed up the big Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow inflatable movie screen, and sent us into town, where Plan B was to be executed. We wound up at an old, abanonded movie theater, which was actually really perfect to watch the movie in. A few of our crew had never seen it before, and were suitably impressed. Also, bringing beer, whiskey, wine, and chocolate cupcakes into the theater improved the situation considerably. Afterwards, they had Q & A with a couple of cast and crew members who came out for the showing, and we made the long, dark drive back to the big city.

The next day, we picked up some coffee and snacks at Jo's, and went over to Cavender's Boot City to get Icky some cowboy boots. Ostrich skin, and way too rich for my blood. Then it was showing the folks the stores on South Congress - I picked up a boss antique bayonet at one of the little shops, and Brian and I played with the singing bowls at White Crane. Then it was out to the hill country again for lunch at the Salt Lick, where we met up with cousin Nick for lots of meat, beer and pie pie pie!

Brian and I played around with some Tai Chi stuff in the backyard, and he showed me some neat Chen style and silk reeling stuff. Icky was inside, parading around in his new boots and boxer shorts, beating on the bongos. "I GOT NEW COWBOY BOOTS! YAAAAY, MY NAME IS ERIC!", he sang. Now, movietime. Showgirls!

(November 01, 2003 05:41 PM)
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