November 02, 2003
needle threading

Everyone loved Showgirls. How could they not? The drinking didn't hurt, of course. After, we cleansed our palettes with the God of Cookery, which just kills me every time. Bernie went to bed, when we put on Time and Tide, and Brian and I stayed up and made some evaluation copies of some movies I had lying around here. And Eric with the yadda yadda yadda, then bed.

Got up, did some more Tai Chi stuff with Brian, and skipped out on the Stubb's gospel brunch we were planning on, as the folks wanted to hit the airport early. Fucking terrorists. The flight wound up getting pushed back an hour, so they were stuck in the free speech zone for a good long time. For me, home, food, rest, work.

A sad note: one of the major buttons on my snapshot camera broke off and got lost, so, no zoom, and no menu navigation. Maybe it's time for a new one - they're pretty cheap these days, and still pretty sturdy - I carried this one in my pocket for a few years, getting banged up and still working. Bah.

(November 02, 2003 12:17 PM)
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