November 13, 2003

We watched pretty much every damn episode of Fawlty Towers today. Also, I'm starting a new (short) contract. Also, I got my bug tracker pretty much working, at least to the point where I can start entering bugs about what needs to be done to it. Also, I've got a bunch of draft versions of stuff I haven't posted yet, so be cool. Also, I still haven't gotten my damn tailstock handle from Amazon. Also, I still need to get Billy Steve over here to get the lock off my shotgun. (Also, I have two other guns that are operable, so don't get any funny ideas.) Also, I need to rent a truck to get stuff that won't fit in the car from Home Depot, then pick up a piano thinger from Mel, then haul a bunch of big crap out of our yard to the dump or somewhere. Also, I haven't finished writing the Flash presentation I'm giving next week. Also, we skipped tai chi yesterday, but I've been practicing in the yard, and have the 24 pretty much down. Also, it's time to get java hooked up to this database and start cranking on this here thing. Also, I got a cool ultraviolet spy pen. Also, I've been really tired lately, and not feeling like I'm getting a lot done. Also, I think I'm going to start in on Quicksilver, which looks like it's going to take a good bit of time, considering my retarded rate of reading, recently. Also, it's time to sleep.

(November 13, 2003 02:19 AM)


Posted by: majcher on November 13, 2003 01:58 PM


when I used to go to Father Corrigan he touched me father

Posted by: ugh on November 14, 2003 11:17 AM
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