November 14, 2003

Started work on a new contract today. Got some tasking stuff straightened out, to discover that the bulk of the work is just animation in Flash, instead of programming, which I was looking forward to doing. Eh, it pays the same, I guess.

Tonight we went to Stubb's with a bunch of the rollergirls, for some pre-bar grub. After the good food, it was over to Room 710, where we caught the Rockland Eagles - who fucking rule. I'm going out to buy their CD, like, tomorrow. But the real reason we were there was to take part in this "Switched" reality show thing. One of the rollergirls, Rolletta Lynn switched places with a drum major from the Grambling State Marching Band. (Who you may have seen in Drumline) So, picture this. A cute little white girl leading a marching band at a football game in Louisiana, and a skinny black college kid getting out on the derby track with the Honkytonk Heartbreakers. I reckon this should all be on TV sometime soon, so keep an eye out. Should be a fun time - I didn't catch his name, but the guy seems really nice, and I think he's going to have a blast with the girls.

So, we hung out at the bar afterwards for a while, and jabbered with some drunk ass rollergirls. When the band changed, and started sucking really hard, we moved into the other room to hang out with Mel some, and then headed home. Time to sleep it off, and get ready for the full schedule of stuff coming up. Yay, Austin.

(November 14, 2003 12:50 AM)
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