November 16, 2003

The "Switched" derby bout was today. Lots of fun - since I didn't have to help Dave out with the scoreboard, Whiskey Lamour recruited me for the SWAT team, which I'd never done before. Good time, all around.

Afterwards, we packed Curro's with rollergirls for brunch, and had some tasty breakfast tacos with Dave, Mel, Kitty Kitty Bang Band and Nathan, Lucille Brawl, and Vendetta Von Dutch and her man. After a bit of recovering and a nap, our pal Billy Steve came over, and used his mad locksmith skillz to bust the lock off my shotgun, which I had lost the key to. Zombies, beware.

And now, I do.. uh, research. For my secret project. Yep.

(November 16, 2003 07:01 PM)
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