November 21, 2003

Dinner with Willow and Cesar last night, at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill. Holy moly, that's some tasty stuff. They have the best double-battered french fries that I've ever had. Afterward, we headed next door to get some super tasty gelato. I had double chocolate, and I think I almost died.

(It seems like I mostly write about food lately. Well, we've had a lot of good food. So there.)

Tonight is game night, at our house, and I busted out the RoboRally for Dave and Mel. These people need to learn that lasers are for FIRING, not for sitting on, dammit. I won - yay, treachery - and then we played a quick game of Chrononauts, which I didn't win.

We also got a chimnea today. Fire!

(November 21, 2003 05:14 PM)
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