November 27, 2003
i swear turkey

Being a slacker. Working some, and working on my new GameFly queue. Beyond Good and Evil is a damn fine game.

We had thanksgiving over at the Mollberg's place, Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Bernard, Cousins Nick and Alex and Laura... and about 50 other relatives, all of whom got along remarkably well. I saw my Aunt Patty for the first time in about 25 years, met Grandma Majcher's twin sister. I also got to meet the infamous Grimes boys, who I've heard a few crazy stories about from dad. A few of the younger cousins were in Alex's room playing Fusion Frenzy on the Xbox, so I had to sit down and kick their asses a bit. Damn kids these days, where'd they learn to play video games?

We ate way too much turkey and ham and fixin's and dessert, and then went out to the shootin' pit with Nick and Alex and Bernard with a mess of shotguns and pistols, and shot at the dirt some. Alex got us some incendiary rounds for the shotguns, and we made some fire go boom, followed by the running and the stomping out the dry grass.

Well, I should do some work tonight, but I've got XIII sitting here, waiting to be checked out. I guess I'll have me some lemon bars and think it over.

(November 27, 2003 08:47 PM)
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