December 01, 2003

It's been a quiet while or so here, so what all's going on? Well, it looks like it's December. This month, I'm going to try to kick out the full design document for the game I'm working on. This means that I could potentially hand this off to someone else, and they should be able to produce something reasonably close to what I've got in mind from that document. Sounds easy, but it's starting to look like a hell of a lot of work. My deal is this: I figure that if I can get myself nailed down enough to kick this out, I've got the motivation to start to try and make some money at this game thing again. If not, then maybe I should head off and try to find something else to do. But, really, this is why I got into computers in the first place, learning to program on an Apple ][, so I could make my own games, so, time to get cracking.

In the outside world, we got our rotten old tree out front taken down, and the nasty fungus-ridden stump ground out. Digging holes, putting in new bushes, cleaning stuff up. Bernie is working really hard out there, and making me feel like a big slacker, but the yard is slowly shaping up again. Next step is to get a couple more things sorted out, then start to lay out a new gravel path, and do some work on the fence, tearing down and putting back up. This ain't gonna be a small job.

Still, still waiting for the replacement part for the lathe. I haven't been in the wood shop for a while, partly because it's been busy and cold and messy, and partly because I'm a lazy lump.

Okay, back to the research.

(December 01, 2003 01:40 PM)
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