December 05, 2003

Mel had her old piano shipped down here from Pennsylvania recently, and I inherited their yamaha clarinova; just picked it up and set it up in the office here, and it's pretty ruling. I dug out my old piano books from the last lessons I had, when I was seven or something, and started doing the exercises again. Man, do I suck. But, practice.

Emily showed up tonight - she's in town again for an interview at Dell, which is cool, because that might mean more folks moving to Austin! Woo! We took her out to dinner at Katz's deli, and we're gonna hit the Mr. Sinus holiday show. Fun, fun.

Got myself a wrist brace, to make the hurting less. With the sucking. On the plus side, we got some tasty beef and lamb schwarmas from Phonecia, and I found some brown sugar rock candy, which is super tasty, and really good for me, I'm sure.

PS. I patched the spam hole in my MovableType setup, so suck on it, you degenerate spammer fucks. Hate you all, die die die.

(December 05, 2003 11:20 AM)
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