December 07, 2003

Had me some nasty food poisoning this morning. Woke up feeling like I got stabbed in the bladder, eventually figured out how to get out of bed without dying, and made it into the bathroom for a little spew from both ends. I was really dizzy, and had my tunnel vision thing going on, in addition to feeling ice cold, and sweating enough to completely soak a large towel. I hadn't really eaten anything out of the ordinary, so we weren't sure what it was - Bernie was getting ready to take me to the emergency room, but after I got everything out of my system, I was back to being pretty fine in short order.

Nick came by to pick up our old desks and chair, and hung out for a bit and jawed some in the yard. I was feeling better by then, so I did a little yardwork, and then with the resting.

(December 07, 2003 07:07 PM)
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