December 12, 2003

So, my right wrist is pretty fucked. I've been keeping a brace on it, and trying to keep the typing to a minimum (which is driving me nuts), but I think it's getting worse. I can bend it back more than halfway, but I can only flex it forward about fifteen degrees before the pain kicks in. I'm icing two or three times a day, and not moving it too much, but it's sort of putting a cramp in this whole "work on the computer" thing I've got going on. So, doctor appointment on tuesday morning to see if we have to just hack that hand off or what.

Plus, the new networking stuff in Java is a pain in the ass.

(December 12, 2003 06:14 PM)

Marc, check out the treatment that uses light for your carpel tunnel problem. I believe it's a laser. Just approved by the FDA. Also, find a good practicioner of Tai Chi who does treatments. That's how I healed mine, but it is a slow process. Might want to combine the two.

I have carpal tunnel problems in both hands from bad ergonomics at Kodak and dye work.

Posted by: Jane on December 19, 2003 07:24 AM

Shit, boy, every time I don't read for a couple weeks you're falling to pieces.

Posted by: cindy on December 19, 2003 10:31 AM
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